Dark Dimensions: Multiverse War

Minecraft 1.17.1

Curse Forge

Quel est ce Modpack ?

La frontière entre les dimensions se brise et la Dark dimension s'apprête à  détruire les réalités.

Parcourer les différents monde à  la recherche d'artefacts pour arrêter Morgdal le Seigneur Sombre.

Mods notables



Utilisation de l'API Fabric en version 0.40.1


Ajout de mods

  • Linear XP
  • Polymorph
  • Wolves with armor


Mise à  jour de nombreux mods


Adorn (by Juicebus) Lakeside (by Juicebus) Better Biome Blend (by FionaTheMortal) Linear XP (by colderlavalamp) Trident Revision (by zoeytheegoist) Black Powder (by AmyMialee) Trinkets (Fabric) (by EmilyPloszaj) BetterNether (by paulevs) ShulkerBoxTooltip (by MisterPeModder) Upgraded Ender Chests (by Kyrptonaught) Comforts (Fabric) (by TheIllusiveC4) BetterEnd (by paulevs) Simple Voice Chat (by henkelmax) Litematica (by masady) Charmonium (by svenhjol) Colytra (Fabric) (by TheIllusiveC4) AppleSkin (by squeek502) Architectury API (Fabric) (by shedaniel) Gobber [FABRIC] (by kwpugh) Charm (by svenhjol) Upgraded Shulkers (by Kyrptonaught) [FABRIC] Disable Custom Worlds Advice (by rdvdev2) YUNG's API (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG) Paxi (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG) Expanded Weapon Enchanting (by SmushyTaco) Better Sodium Video Settings Button (by LimeShulkerBox) Lithium (Fabric) (by jellysquid3) Companion bats (by fulmineo64) Falling Leaves (Fabric) (by RandomMcSomethin) MC Dungeons Artifacts (by chronos_sacaria) Wolves With Armor (by Draylar1) MaLiLib (by masady) Dark Loading Screen (by Neecko5b84) Physics Mod (by haubna) YUNG's Better Strongholds (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG) GeckoLib (by ThanosGecko) Antique Atlas (by Hunternif) LambDynamicLights (by LambdAurora) Blockus (by Brandcraft_) Outvoted (by HowBoutNo) William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld (by cristelknight) Iris Shaders (by coderbot) MC Dungeons Weapons (by chronos_sacaria) Mod Menu (by ProspectorDev) Hookshot (by Camellias_) Searchlight (& Wall Lights) (Fabric) (by lizard_ofoz) Expanded Trident Enchanting (by SmushyTaco) Auth Me (by Axieum) Roughly Enough Items Fabric (REI) (by shedaniel) Immersive Portals (by qouteall) New Copper Armor & Tools (by agorasim20) Zombified (by safrodev) Dark Enchanting (by ffrannny) Expanded Armor Enchanting (by SmushyTaco) Patchouli (Fabric) (by williewillus) BackpackMod (by SpyMan1736) Cardinal Components (by UpcraftLP) MC Dungeons Armors (by chronos_sacaria) Fabric Language Kotlin (by modmuss50) BCLib (by paulevs) Advancements Enlarger (by shedaniel) Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric] (by hypherionsa) YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG) Happiness (is a) Warm Gun (by cybercat5555) Nyf's Quivers (by theNyfaria) Better Than Mending (by legobmw99) Periodic (by NoComment1105) Iron Chests for Fabric (by cyberanner) Clumps (by Jaredlll08) Polymorph (Fabric) (by TheIllusiveC4) More Villagers [Fabric] (by SameDifferent) Bits And Chisels (by cool_mineman) BerdinskiyBear's Armor HUD (by berdinskiybear) Cloth Config API (Fabric) (by shedaniel) Cloth API (Fabric) (by shedaniel) Caves and Cliffs add-on for William Wythers' Overworld (by cristelknight) Repurposed Structures (Fabric) (by telepathicgrunt) Lacrimis (by Stuin01) Foodables (Fabric) (by TruthSt) Fabric API (by modmuss50) limitless (by user11681) FallingTree (Forge&Fabric) (by RakSrinaNa) Hide Armor (by Furgle) Mining Dimensions [FABRIC] (by kwpugh) Chest Tracker (by JackFred2)